Update 2015/01/11: Dart Project

Steinbach Screw

I’ve finished creating the pages for Dart: the ray tracer I wrote back in 2007 during my last quarter at UCSD.

I decided a straight conversion of the content from my old site wouldn’t look very good embedded in the current layout, so the task of porting the pages took a bit longer than I had initially anticipated. However, after looking over the finished product, I’m quite happy that I took the time to re-craft the pages.

What are you waiting for? Go check it out!

Update 2015/01/04: New Site

Site overhaul is underway!

New Platform

WordPress is my platform of choice these days (it takes too long to code everything by hand). Fortunately, I recently setup the No Remorse Games site. I really like the theme layout and plugin set I used for that site, so I decided to build my personal site with the same pieces.

Old Content

I’ve decided to sift through the content from the old site and only post things I feel are of merit. In all honesty, not much will be making the cut.

Clearly, my bio / “About” page was out of date (circa 2007) so that will get redone: updated picture, resume, details.

I will be converting the content from “Dart”, the ray tracer project from CSE 168. While everything I do these days is real-time, I’m still very proud of my accomplishments from that project.

There may be other things I bring over, but nothing else sticks out at this point.

New Content

Maybe I’ll do some video game and board game reviews, write some posts about code, write some posts about non-code (gasp!)… we’ll see.